We will be demonstrating PlaceForge at the RetailNOW 2014 Expo and Convention exhibit hall on Tuesday, August 5, at 12noon. The demonstration will start at the TimeForge exhibit booth (booth #233), use participants’ cell phones in place of beacon fobs, and will be a ‘scavenger hunt’ designed to track participants as they visit different areas of the exhibit hall. The hunt will take 30min or so to complete, and participants can win an iPad mini and other prizes.

The RetailNOW convention is organized by the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA), an “association dedicated to the retail technology industry. RSPA members include resellers, hardware manufacturers, software developers, consultants, finance companies, and distributors bringing retail technology products and/or services to the marketplace.”

The RetailNOW convention draws companies ranging from Epson to NEC to Discover Financial Services — basically anyone involved in the details of making retail consumer transactions actually work — and TimeForge will demonstrate the PlaceForge solution at one of the ~175 booths on the convention floor.

Our demonstration will be a partnership with Radius Networks to show the basic capabilities of staff tracking and customer intelligence gathering. For information about how the demonstration highlights PlaceForge capabilities, simply stop by the TimeForge exhibition booth (#233) on the exhibit hall floor.

Or, just click this press release for details.