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A short PlaceForge “white paper” description!

PlaceForge “ver 1.0” is still in final development. However, even while doing the final de-bugging and GUI polishing, etc, we’re already planning for the versions to come with hardware optimization testing and algorithm development. Part of this future planning process is clearly articulating what the next “ver 2.0+” versions will accomplish […]

Some latest PlaceForge news!

Here is a RFID Journal article about PlaceForge. The article describes how Anthony Presley, co-founder of TimeForge, got the idea for a “first foray” into real-time asset tracking.

The article also gives use-case description, some pricing info, and a description of what future PlaceForge capabilities […]

We’re documenting PlaceForge (at least to start)!

PlaceForge is in final development and beta testing. So, documentation is now being developed. While the user documentation (setup, manuals, FAQs, etc) gets developed along with the user testing, we now have some firm “White Paper” -like documentation that describes the app’s actual features and capabilities.

If you’re interested in more details […]

Some BLE beacon description in the news!

Here is a Business Insider article about beacons. The article focuses mainly on Apple’s iBeacon system, and it also focuses completely on the retail consumer “location-triggered notification” uses for Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technologies rather than the B2B staff tracking, asset tracking and […]

We’re rolling out PlaceForge (in select areas)!

PlaceForge is nearly ready for prime time. This month, TimeForge is deploying the PlaceForge asset tracking and staff management solution for select customers in the Texas area. This initial deployment will help us to identify opportunities for improvement and refinement.

Initial testing and deployment is an exciting time in developing any new real-world […]

We’re at the RetailNOW technology expo!

We will be demonstrating PlaceForge at the RetailNOW 2014 Expo and Convention exhibit hall on Tuesday, August 5, at 12noon. The demonstration will start at the TimeForge exhibit booth (booth #233), use participants’ cell phones in place of beacon fobs, and will be a ‘scavenger hunt’ designed to track participants as […]

Engineering hardware for the REAL world!

clearhub-wideDeveloping new software services is more than just innovative coding. Presenting data that can be useful for real-world decisionmaking requires getting data from, well, the REAL world!

And engineering the getting of that data can be kinda complicated. Luckily, TimeForge has the expertise to make things go from the ground up.

Here’s a quick […]

Designing software for TOUGH questions!

Even going back to vacuum tube days, practically useful software isn’t developed in a vacuum. Creating an application to provide practically useful real-world answers means first working through a lot of design questions. And, unlike the vacuum tube days, today’s software apps need to flexibly respond to many different types of user […]