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The process of installing and activating the hub receivers that form the backbone of a PlaceForge network is somewhat technical. The hubs are small (about the size of a fist) and plug into regular 110V power outlets. So, installing even dozens of hubs can be done quickly if there are power outlets available or even if running simple extension cords is an option. However, each hub needs to be configured and connected to an existing wireless network.

Also, ceilings can be a really convenient place to install hubs where they won’t be accidentally moved and can have a clear unobstructed “line of sight” range to fobs and tags. If you have experience dealing with network installations in high-ceiling areas (grocery stores, warehouses, box stores, etc), then PlaceForge fits your capabilities.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer for PlaceForge network equipment, then we’d like to hear from you! Again, installation is very similar to setting up a wireless security system or any kind of networked equipment. Therefore, we’d really like to hear from you if these already match your current installation work, and we’d REALLY like to hear from you if our potential customers also match.

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