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How the Software WORKS


The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) fob and tag beacon transmitters and hub receivers that create a PlaceForge network in a grocery store, restaurant, or other retail service area give real-time information about the proximity and relative location of your staff and assets. Real-time proximity information like this is a valuable raw resource for predictive analysis and asset optimization.

The challenge is to sort clear useful information from the millions or even billions of individual datapoints generated by just a few, or a few dozens, or even hundreds of employees (or shopping carts, or rental cars, or bus carts, etc) spread throughout a commercial enterprise covered with just a few, a few dozen, or even a few hundred “hub” receivers.


The PlaceForge web-based application unlocks this analytic potential by giving you an intuitive and easy to use time-use visualization of your retail space. The PlaceForge app primarily reports on the Time In Area (TIA) that each unique fob spends within range of one or several hubs that define a particular area. In short, PlaceForge keeps track of all your staff and assets throughout your entire retail space.

The PlaceForge app is simple and intuitive. You are a busy manager who wants just the key information about your past week’s staffing results so you can plan the upcoming week. So, PlaceForge organizes information in a weekly calendar and offers a wealth of key information within just two clicks of the homepage. There are three main levels for your report views. Each level and view offers intuitive visual data by using just two main colors (orange for a potential issue, blue for no issues) and only two basic representations (a weekly calendar for times, and a bar graph for employee TIA comparison and histories).

So, there’s no fiddling with confusing icons or hard-to-read spreadsheets. If there’s a potential problem, then you see it. If not, then you don’t!

INTUITIVE navigation

Quick HOMEPAGE Calendar Get just the instant information that you need! If there’s a potential problem, then you see it. If not, then you don’t! The top screen shows you a convenient past week summary of staffing and asset use in whatever area you’re interested in.

Clear BAR CHART Reports Compare staff in a completely objective and clear way! You can click on any calendar section to view detailed TIA data for that day and time. The bar chart report view screen presents average TIA for that time period. Each bar represents either an entire store, an entire area, or an individual employee depending on which view you chose.

Interpreting the data is easy, and drilling down into the data all the way from a regional to an individual staff member level also requires nothing more than clicking on bars in a chart.

Useful HISTORY Views See an individualized staff report instantly! Clicking on any average TIA bar representing a specific staff member shows you their average TIA for the past week that they have worked. It’s easy to see trends.

Some PlaceForge SOLUTIONS


grocery-iconSee exactly WHEN the staffing levels in any area did (or didn’t) match what you planned. Know exactly WHERE shopping carts are (or aren’t) being used. Decide HOW to schedule staff and assets for maximum return!show me MORE
restaurant-workersSee exactly WHAT your wait staff station metrics actually are. Know exactly WHEN your staffing did (or didn’t) match what you planned. Decide HOW to manage all your servers and other staff for maximum cash flow!show me MORE
See exactly WHERE sales staff are spending the most (or least) of their time. Know exactly WHICH areas of your store are (or aren’t) being visited most by customers. Decide HOW to maximize your entire retail space!show me MORE
See exactly WHICH areas are most popular with guests (and when). Know exactly WHERE your assets and staff are (and have been) at all times. Decide HOW to efficiently maximize each guest experience!show me MORE

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