Key Questions:



Unlock floorspace potential.

Transform your square footage into a data engine.




Keep track of which Salespeople are where and when. You decide what Areas to collect Customer service data from. PlaceForge then provides “Time In Area” (TIA) reports to let you know the percentage of each shift that each of your Salespeople spend in each important Area.

HOW effectively is each Area staffed?
WHO on your Staff has potential?
WHERE is your Staff at any given time?

Customer ANSWERS

Keep track of where your Customers are most often. You decide how to equip key assets like shopping baskets or carts with tags to match sales data to your retail layout. PlaceForge then provides “Time in Area” (TIA) reports to let you know which areas are the revenue hotspots.

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WHERE are your Customers, and how is your space WORKING?

PlaceForge gives you precise location data for every Customer in your store at all times.

Sales volume can give you general metrics like sales per square foot, and your Staff can generally know when particular areas might be busy. With PlaceForge, you can have precise data for every Customer all of the time. You can know precisely what the Customer activity is in every different Area of your store. You can anticipate exactly when more Staff will be needed in a specific Area to help with a crush of Customers.

You can precisely optimize floorspace for maximum return.

You can track Customers while respecting Privacy!


iBeacon Technology

B2B Solutions

Connecting the “Internet of Things click here for more tech details ” to YOUR key staffing and asset optimization questions.

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