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Keep track of which Waitstaff are where and when. You define what Areas to collect service data from. PlaceForge then provides “Time In Area” (TIA) reports to let you know the percentage of each shift that each of your Waitstaff spends in each important Area of your restaurant.

HOW effectively is each Patron being served?
PlaceForge can show the average TIA for all Waitstaff and employees in each Area you define. So, you can see how much time your Waitstaff actually spends in each Area circulating to engage with Patrons. Connect this to point of sales data, and you can see the ratio of Waitstaff to Patrons at any time all the time.

Precisely manage staffing for maximum revenue turn-time!

WHO on your Waitstaff has great potential?
PlaceForge can compare the specific TIA for each employee in each Area you define. So, you can see which of your Waitstaff is spending the most of their time actually circulating with Patrons. Straight POS data doesn’t always tell a full story. You can spot great motivation and encourage potential immediately.

See which Waitstaff might really take off with coaching!


Keep track of precisely which Areas are most active.

PlaceForge shows you where your Waitstaff is at any time, all the time. This also shows where your Patrons are, and when. Table turnover metrics aren’t complete without knowing activity.

Which tables are most ACTIVE?

PlaceForge gives you precise location data for every Customer in your store at all times.

PlaceForge offers more than simple point of sale table churn metrics. You can connect table revenue to actual table activity in every Area, so you can spot previously overlooked revenue potential. Your Waitstaff can generally know when particular areas might be busy. With PlaceForge, you can have precise data for how active every Area of your restaurant is at any time and at all times. You can know precisely what your Waitstaff’s engagement rate is with Patrons.

You can precisely optimize floorspace for maximum revenue turn-time.

You can collect metrics while respecting Privacy!

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