Even going back to vacuum tube days, practically useful software isn’t developed in a vacuum. Creating an application to provide practically useful real-world answers means first working through a lot of design questions. And, unlike the vacuum tube days, today’s software apps need to flexibly respond to many different types of user queries. An application like PlaceForge also needs to sort and manipulate databases of millions, tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of individual datapoints.

Each BLE beacon does after all signal it’s location several times every second, with each of those signals triangulated between at least several hub receivers. Want to track staff and assets in a retail store with even just a few dozen employees and just a couple of different assigned areas? Do the math — the data adds up quickly!

Luckily, TimeForge has the knowledgeable and creative talent to spot the key questions and brainstorm the right answers. This is how the PlaceForge app will answer our customers’ questions too!