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Staffing ANSWERS

Keep track of who is where and when. You decide what Areas are important, and which Staff members are important to each of the areas. PlaceForge then provides “Time In Area” (TIA) reports to let you know what percentage of each work day your Staff spends in each of your important Areas.

HOW effectively is each Area staffed?
PlaceForge can show the average TIA for all employees in each Area you define. So, you can see how much of each shift your average Check-In counter staff actually spends near the counter ready to service guests. You can spot Areas that pull staff for periodic rushes, and other Areas that are perhaps less busy than you thought.

You can see opportunities to schedule for optimal staffing!

WHERE is your Staff at any given time?
Each employee with a fob signals to every hub in each Area that you define. So, you can see the TIA for all Areas your employees spend time in throughout every shift. Your hotel or resort facility has far-flung areas that can be hard to supervise. With PlaceForge, you know exactly who is where (and precisely when).

You can be virtually everywhere, all the time, for effective supervision!

WHO on your Staff is really effective?
PlaceForge can track the TIA for each employee in each Area you define. So, you can see where each and every staff member actually spent their time. As you know, resort and hospitality staff must often multitask and juggle multiple responsibilities. PlaceForge lets you know which employees are likely accomplishing this best.

You can easily see where everyone can be the most useful!



Keep track of when your Assets are most used and where your Guests are most often. You can equip luggage carts, service carts, or other key assets with tags to track their use. You can provide Guests with convenient keychain-like fobs to enhance their experience. PlaceForge will then provide “Time in Area” (TIA) reports to help you optimize your Asset use and know where most Guests are spending the most of their time.

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WHERE are your Guests, and WHAT do they need?

Ensuring a positive Guest experience is your number one goal. This means ensuring that every Guest is attended to wherever they are in your facility. While RFID -based technologies like Disney’s “MyMagic+” can work for very close-range Guest conveniences like cashless POS transactions or keyless room entry, they require expensive new electronic infrastructures and do not work for locating where a Guest actually is in real-time.

With a convenient and unobtrusive PlaceForge fob beacon, you can offer Guests the ability to signal their location in your facility all the time, in real time, with complete security and privacy. You can know when your Guests need attention and service in any Area that has an inexpensive and easy to set up hub receiver. You can also collect precise data for how active every Area of your facility actually is, and at precisely which times.

You can ensure maximum Guest attention while still respecting Privacy!


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