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PlaceForge connects your physical floor space to a virtual data space by sensing and keeping track of all the fobs and tags that come within range of a hub. The PlaceForge app then turns this “real time all the time” data into intuitive and easy to use analytic reporting. Imagine the applications of knowing exactly where your assets are at all times. The PlaceForge network hardware performs one simple task: it keeps track of which specific fobs/tags are in range of specific hubs. However, the network does this in real time. As a result, this simple task (counting which specific fobs/tags were in which specific areas and for precisely how long) results in a tremendous wealth of analytic data mining and reporting.

You define the analytics  by deciding where and how many hubs are installed in your store or restaurant and what the sensing range of each hub is. You then assign who and what to keep track of by deciding who carries a fob and what physical assets (shopping carts, service carts and other rolling stock — whatever is important to you) get tagged.

PlaceForge then turns all the resulting “real time all the time” data into useful reports to answer your key staffing and asset optimization questions.




See exactly WHEN staffing levels in an area did (or didn’t) match what you planned. Know exactly WHERE shopping carts are (or aren’t) being used. Decide HOW to schedule assets and staff for maximum return!



See exactly WHAT your wait staff station metrics actually are. Know exactly WHEN your staffing did (or didn’t) match what you planned. Decide HOW to manage your servers and other staff for maximum cash flow!


See exactly WHERE sales staff are spending the most (or least) of their time. Know exactly WHICH areas of your store are (or aren’t) being visited most by customers. Decide HOW to maximize your entire retail space!

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Connecting the “Internet of Things click here for more tech details ” to YOUR key staffing and asset optimization questions.

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