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The PlaceForge staff and asset tracking solution is inexpensive, unobtrusive, easy to install, and user-friendly. Staff simply carry small low-energy Bluetooth® beacon “fobs”, shopping carts or other assets get small Bluetooth® beacon “tags”, and all the fobs and tags signal their distance in real-time to small “hub” receivers placed around a store (or a warehouse, restaurant, hospital, etc). The PlaceForge web-based application then sorts and analyzes this real-time data with simple yet powerful analytical tools. PlaceForge makes it possible for managers and supervisors to easily and unobtrusively keep track just about anything.

PlaceForge is just one service of TimeForge, a scheduling software company marketing flexible, powerful, and affordable web-based planning applications backed by fanatical support and responsiveness. We offer the best employee scheduling apps available in the restaurant, retail, and service industries.

The PlaceForge application builds on TimeForge’s previous products and experience while also responding to our customers’ needs for enhanced labor management intelligence.

The TimeForge scheduling apps are:

TimeForge offers daily/weekly/monthly calendar views for logged info to replace pen-and-paper notes and communication for recording, sorting, and searching key information.
TimeForge forecasts sales and staffing through labor performance monitoring.
TimeForge utilizes point-of-sale data for inventory monitoring and forecasting.
TimeForge offers scheduling and communication applications that keep managers on the floor, not stuck in the back office trying to build an employee schedule.


An Evolutionary to Revolutionary Analytic Service

The PlaceForge application takes all of these qualities a step further by allowing managers to not have to be stuck on the floor (or stuck at a screen) to monitor real-time staffing levels.

The PlaceForge network also builds on TimeForge’s previous hardware experience. Our current scheduling software is enhanced by TimeClock, a biometric tool that integrates with a web-based software to automate employee time tracking. Real-time asset tracking for retail customer service spaces is a logical extension of our goal to enhance the smart decisionmaking of managers at all levels.

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