Real-time asset and staff tracking for smart decisionmaking.

Be virtually on the floor everywhere at every moment!


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What PlaceForge IS


FobsThe PlaceForge network uses unobtrusive equipment that integrates seamlessly with your current practices. Staff simply carry small Bluetooth “fobs”, shopping carts or other assets get small Bluetooth “tags”, and all the fobs and tags signal their distance in real-time to small “hub” receivers placed around your store.

The hubs connect to your existing network to send all the data to a secure remote server. Once calibrated and running, the PlaceForge network turns your store into an analytic engine!Tech DETAILS

The PlaceForge application transforms this raw data into an intuitive analytical picture. You don’t have to be on your store floor all of the time to know exactly what your staffing level actually was or what the equipment asset use actually is. With PlaceForge, you can be virtually on the floor in every area at every moment of every work day.

The PlaceForge application sorts and analyzes real-time data on staffing and assets with simple yet powerful analytical tools to help your decisionmaking!App DETAILS

What PlaceForge DOES




See exactly WHEN staffing levels in an area did (or didn’t) match what you planned. Know exactly WHERE shopping carts are (or aren’t) being used. Decide HOW to schedule assets and staff for maximum return!



See exactly WHICH areas are most popular with guests (and when). Know exactly WHERE your assets and staff are (and have been) at all times. Decide HOW to efficiently maximize each guest experience!



See exactly WHAT your wait staff station metrics actually are. Know exactly WHEN your staffing did (or didn’t) match what you planned. Decide HOW to manage your servers and other staff for maximum cash flow!


See exactly WHERE sales staff are spending the most (or least) of their time. Know exactly WHICH areas of your store are (or aren’t) being visited most by customers. Decide HOW to maximize your entire retail space!

How PlaceForge is DIFFERENT


signal-iconPlaceForge uses BLE (Bluetooth® low energy) technology that is now engineered into the latest smartphones (like the iBeacon apps available on iOS8). BLE beacons can be detected by a smartphone’s Bluetooth receiver, and this connection can be used to count the number of smartphones that pass through a particular area or very roughly triangulate the position of a smartphone in an area.

So far, other companies have focused on using BLE for retail marketing like pushing advertisements or coupons to your smartphone when you come into range of an area. As WIRED magazine describes: “Stopping in front of a concert poster could instantly set a reminder to check out tickets once you got home. Or it could add that band to your Spotify playlist; or it could let you buy the tickets then and there.” While interesting, uses like these depend on people interacting with an app they’ve downloaded on their phone (in addition to having their Bluetooth turned on, and opting in, and paying attention . . .)

TimeForge imagines the possibilities of using BLE in a completely different way – for seamless real-time staffing and asset use analytics!


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